Oracy – the art of speaking well

Students with social cognitive challenges are finding it tough to navigate Common Core. As I visit classrooms, I’m observing that many students are having difficulty explaining their thinking and engaging in collaborative dialogue. Not all students have had the rich experiences that foster communication skills and/or have the automatic ability to learn from others. Taking the time to teach these skills has the potential to transform learning experiences for all students.

As educators, we should consider this example of developing oracy as part of the curriculum. Sharing this model in classrooms provides foundational learning and practice that can bring awareness to everyone on how to develop social communication skills.

Would love to see educators embracing the art of communication as a key component to learning. Empowering children to find their voice and use it to express their ideas and build social awareness is inspiring.


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Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth is an educator with a focus on supporting students with exceptionalities. Teaching in public education for 12 years with specialized training in Social Thinking™; Masters in Differentiated Instruction, Doctoral Student in Education Leadership. She enjoys spending time with her family: daughters, son-in laws, son & 4 grandchildren.

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