Elizabeth Burke, Ed. D, currently resides in Southern California and works as an Education Specialist and Social Cognition Coach. 

Combining her expertise in Differentiated Instruction and Social Inclusion, she is passionate about assisting her students with developing competencies in social communication as aligned with Common Core Standards and needed for personal growth and life experiences. 

“The Reflection Journal©: A Tool for Social Learning” was developed by Dr. Burke as a way to teach students to reflect on their social experiences using pictures. Developing self awareness though visual imagery assists with building understanding of abstract concepts involved in perspective taking and problem solving.

Dr. Burke’s Dissertation, “The Benefit of a Social Learning Intervention to Increase Self-Efficacy, Engagement and Social Inclusion for Students with Autism provides evidence of “The Reflection Journal” as a tool for developing social competencies. 

Dr. Burke is available for consultations and professional development. She can be reached at socialcognition.coach; socialcog.blog; lizanneburke@gmail.com

She enjoys spending time with her family, children and grandchildren in both California and Texas. 

Elizabeth Burke, Ed. D,
Education Specialist and Social Cognition Specialist

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